The following are tips for improving your personal brand.

A personal brand is a combination of skills, expertise, and personality and how you present them on

different platforms is important. For entrepreneurs, a personal brand is everything, but how do you
know if you’re doing enough?

Here are a few ways that you can boost your personal brand.


To really make your personal brand stand out, you need to define it. Jot down what you’re passionate
about, what you are known for and what your areas of expertise are. Be as specific as possible. For
example, saying that you’re good at baking is too general. Having a niche focus will ensure that people
truly believe that you know what you’re talking about.



If you are present on several different online platforms, it’s important to make sure that your profiles are consistent. Use the same photo, bio, and graphics across all of your profiles so that people will instantly recognize you. If you have made a point of creating profiles on social media, be active on a consistent basis as this will show that you’re trustworthy and reliable.


Seek out opportunities to write and share your expertise. Finding industry related websites and
newsletters that you can contribute to will not only spread the word about what you have to offer but
showcase your knowledge on a particular topic too. If you don’t already, it may also be a good idea to
create your own blog that you can write for on a weekly basis.


Networking is a crucial part of growing your personal brand, which is why engaging with people both online and offline on a regular basis is a must. Whether you participate in discussions on forums or attend networking events, you will be showing people that you are out there, interested, and engaged. The more you connect with people in an authentic way, the more quickly they will recommend you to others.


If you feel confident enough to speak in front of an audience, keep an eye out for speaking engagements
in your area. Speaking at events will help you build rapport with your audience and give you the
opportunity to network afterward too. Just be sure that you have a professional headshot and branded
photos to send with your bio and that your website is looking good before you start sending traffic

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