What to wear, the number one question I get asked the most is. I get it, you want to look your best in your pictures. I don’t blame you. Photography is an investment and you want your family looking their best.

What to wear | Philadelphia photographer

What to wear

What to wear?  Here are my suggestions.

You want to avoid matchy-matchy. The days of everyone wearing white t-shirts and jeans are out. Having everyone in a different outfit that still coordinates allows individualism and makes for a more pleasing photograph. Also think about your home decor and where you are planning on displaying the pictures.

For adults, I love lighter, soft tones such as earth tones, white/off-white, light grey, and cream. Bright, bold colors, logos, and large accessories tend to distracting. Children photograph well in brighter colors but avoid neon ones. Avoid sneakers, pure whites, logos, print, t-shirts, and over accessorizing.

I recommend the others coordinate with whatever mom chooses. If everyone wears the same color, I suggest different cut clothing pieces (such as, mom in a dress or skirt and tank top, dad in a nice shirt.)  For some inspiration check out my Pinterest board on what to wear.

That being said, the goal is all about you being comfortable and feeling beautiful in what you are wearing. If you feel good it will show.

What to wear for my photography session

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