How to hire a photographer? Are you looking to hire a photographer? Just because someone owns a fancy camera it does not mean she is a photographer. You want to pay attention to their style, portfolio, customer service, and pricing. Below I broke down each topic and a few things to consider when choosing the right photographer for you.

How to hire a photographer | philadelphia family photographer

1. Style

What type of photography are you looking for? Do you want traditional, lifestyle, or a documentary session? When looking at the photographers work, does she have a cohesive look? Do you like the type of light she uses?  All of these things should be considered. Below is a breakdown of each session type.

Traditional Portraits Typically this style of session is everyone looking. Think back to your childhood or look at old pictures of your parents family most are probably of everyone looking at the camera and smiling. With this session most kids get bored after 20 minutes and the fake smiles start to show making mini sessions perfect when looking for traditional portraits. 80% of you gallery will consist of this look and maybe 20% will be candid.

Lifestyle I love this type of session.  They are less stressful for parents and kids are more relaxed. It creates such emotional and organic portraits. This type of session has little posing and direction.  It focuses more on family connections then everyone looking perfect and smiling.  Most pictures with eye contact will be more genuine. Lifestyle sessions are best done in-home. Your gallery will be 80% candid and 20% everyone looking.

Documentary This is the style I choose to take of my own family. Documentary is real life photography.  There is no posing at all. It captures true life as it unfolds in front of the camera.  These sessions typically are held in the morning, afternoon, or full day. The photographer goes everywhere with you and looks for authentic moments to capture. 100% of your gallery will be unposed.

2. Portfolio

Look at the photographer’s portfolio with a critical eye.  Are the pictures crisp? Is the composition thoughtful (is it clean or full of clutter?) Are the photos cohesive? Meaning do the pictures all have the same look and feel? You don’t want a picture to have a blue tint in it and the next one to have a green tint.  Matching color is important especially when you want to use the pictures for collages.

3. Customer Service

Does the photographer take your money and you hear nothing from her until the day of the session or does she take the time to prepare you?  It is important that the photographer talks with you either via email or phone to find out your goals for the session. The photographer should also give you guidelines on what to wear and how to prepare for your session.  She should hold you hand through the entire experience. It’s your money and you should get the most of your investment.

4. Pricing

Cheaper is not always better. You want quality over quantity. When a photographer sets her pricing it is based on cost of doing business, experience, and skill level. The photographers time and talent is essentially what you are paying for. Their creative eye comes from experience and education in the field.

A photography session is an investment and not one you should take lightly.  You want to get the most for your money.  After all you want these pictures of a reminder of how life was, how tiny your newborn was, or how crazy life was with toddlers. A time your child(red) won’t remember but can see in pictures. Capturing memories that last a lifetime.

If you have any questions please email me. You can send me a note whether it be for my services or to look at another photographer you are considering hiring.  I am here to help you in anyway I can.

Elise Cellucci is located in Blue Bell, PA Montgomery County. Elise Cellucci is a modern photographer specializing in lifestyle artistic custom family photography. As a professional photographer, Elise captures maternity, newborn, baby and family portraits in Blue Bell, North Wales, Upper Gwynedd, Lower Gwynedd, Lansdale, Worcester, Conshohocken,  Philadelphia Mainline, and surrounding areas.

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