Wall Art Displays – Taking the stress out of displaying your portraits

Wall Art Displays

Wall art displays can be difficult to imagine and put together.  Have you ever purchased a large portrait to hang on your wall, but once it arrived you found out it is way to small for the space? Let’s be honest, it is a big investment and you want to make sure you get it right. Hanging your portraits, or any wall art for the matter, can be an overwhelming process. I am here to help!

How can I help you?

I have the tools and resources to help you take your portraits and create a display on YOUR wall. You can see first hand how it will look in your home. I will help you select photos from you session to create the perfect display based on your needs. Best of all, if you order a wall display, I take care of it being arranging it in your home. No waiting on your partner or calling to make an appointment with someone handy. When I deliver your art, it is on your wall before I leave.

Why would I want this?

When I first started I gave my clients their images on a USB drive or they could download theirs themself. I thought it was delivering a good service to them, but I found out it wasn’t. My clients were confused and overwhelmed but what to do with them, that they just let them sit on their hard drive or USB drive. I was actually do a disservice to my clients.

That is why now I over viewing sessions. I will sit down with you and pick your favorite photos for wall displays, gifts, albums, etc. I promise you, a session with me will not leave your pictures on a device forgotten about. They will be displayed and available for viewing everyday.


For example, below are a few displays of size differences in comparison to walls.

Below is an 11×14

Wall Art Displays

This is a 20z16 on the same wall. Still looks small.

Wall Art Display size diffenence

A nice size for the space 36×24

perfect Wall Art Display for over a crib

The family session example above: middle is 30×24 and the two on the outside are 16×16 each

See my newborn photographer here and my family photography here.

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