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One of the number one questions I get is “how do I take better more natural pictures of my kids?” I am not going to lie, learning photography takes time.  It is not something that happens overnight, but comes with practice.  I have been a photographer for about eight years and am still learning how to take better pictures. There is so much that goes into taking a great photo that it can become overwhelming.  I am going to give you a few tips so you can start taking better pictures today!

1. No “say cheese” please!

Having your child say cheese always bring out a silly and unnatural smile.  Plus it also makes it more like a chore for your child.  You know your child best. What makes them laugh?  What silly jokes can they tell you.  The more relaxed you make them feel, the more they are going to enjoy the process.

2. Get on their level

Why didn’t I think of that?  Makes so much sense, right? While going to school for early childhood education I was always taught to get on the child’s level while talking to her. Why? Constantly looking up puts strain on their neck and is just not comfortable. When I am taking pictures of my girls, I am always on their level.  I am normally sitting on the ground, knees, squatting right along with them.  It allows them to relax more and get comfortable in front of the camera.    

3. They don’t always need to be looking

My favorite shots are detailed shots.  I love capturing their little hands making a mess, cute pigtails in a toddler’s hair, and little feet.  It helps to capture those little moments that I don’t want to forget.  So don’t forget the detail shots too!

4. The whole scene

Sometimes my favorite shots are the ones that includes the environment too.  Sometimes stepping back and capturing the whole scene adds to the picture.  It helps the viewer understand the story better.  An added bonus is that you can be transported back to how your home looked at that time.  My mom always updated our home about every 5 years. It is fun looking back at the different couches we owned.

5. Let them be who they are

This has to be the most important.  Not only do I want to remember this time, but I also want to remember their personally. Interacting with your child is so important.  While you are snap away.  You most likely will capture a genuine smile and have a new favorite picture of your child. 

Do you have a DSLR camera and no clue how to use it?  Good news, I am coming out with a class in the next few months that will teach you how to get started shooting better pictures with your “big” camera.  To be the first to know about when it is launching, sign up to receive my emails. (Form below) My email list gets first dibs.  


Elise Cellucci is located in Blue Bell, PA Montgomery County. Elise Cellucci is a modern photographer specializing in lifestyle artistic custom family photography. As a professional photographer, Elise captures maternity, newborn, baby and family portraits in Blue Bell, North Wales, Upper Gwynedd, Lower Gwynedd, Lansdale, Worcester, Conshohocken,  Philadelphia Mainline, and surrounding areas.

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