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elise cellucci

Welcome to where food and photography come together

Food Photographer, Recipe Videographer, Food Stylist, and Foodie!

It takes so much time to create beautiful food images for your website, social media, and cookbook.  I would love to help showcase food recipes in the best possible way.  Would you like to learn more?

Here is what I can do for you:

01. Food Photography

I have more than 4 years of food photography experience working with food brands, cookbooks, bakers, restaurants, and bloggers. I can take your recipe and create it in my home studio. I am also available to shoot on location, if that better suits your needs. I have a keen eye for detail and I understand what makes a scroll-stopping image. I offer different packages to support different food photography needs. If you love bright and light photography for your food recipes, I would love the opportunity to provide this service for you.  You can view my portfolio here

02. Recipe Development

Is developing new recipes taking up most of your time?  Let me help by providing that service for you.  I love creating healthy and delicious recipes.  I have been providing this service for my clients for years.  They love how it allows them to free up time and focus on other aspects of their business.  I can help with sponsored product food recipes too.  I would love to help you free up more time.  You can view my brand work here.  

03. Food Videography

Lastly, I create reel and food videography. The demand for video content is high.  Food videography captures the taste, smell, and feel of food. I can help you create reels, recipe videos, and stop motion.  Food recipe videos are usually 45-60 seconds long so they are just long enough to keep your viewers attention, but not too long that they lose interest. This type of video is popular on social media platforms like Instagram and Facebook.  I would love to help create video content for your site and feeds.  You can view my videography work here.  

A food photographer and recipe videographer working remotely and on location for brands and bloggers. I am located in the suburbs of Philadelphia. With over 10 years of photography experience, I have mastered the art of capturing the stories, feelings, and essence of food.

Hello, I'm Elise,