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Dust off that expensive fancy camera and learn to use it to take better pictures once and for all. This in-person workshop will teach you the basics to taking better pictures of your family.

Basic Beginners In-Person Photography Workshop

Who is this class for?

This class is for anyone who wants to learn how to take better photos. In this 2-hour course you will learn how to use manual mode and shoot like a pro. 

This course is designed to teach you how to use your DSLR camera in manual mode instead of the automatic setting. Shooting in manual mode takes practice, but the control it allows with shutter speed, aperture and image exposure means you can not only experiment, but also gain new confidence in how to use your camera.

Why You Need this Course

Check out your gear

Explore your Camera Functions

Learn ISO, Shutter Speed & Aperture

Understand Metering

Learn Manual Mode

In this workshop you will:...

About this Course

By taking this course you will learn how to have complete creative control over the images you take. When using automatic mode the camera can make mistakes if shooting in extreme lighting conditions. By using manual mode the photographer tells the camera exactly what to do, removing the errors of automation and allowing for creative experimentation.


1) What should I bring? 

Camera - make sure you have a charged battery and an empty memory card in case there is time for taking practice shots.

Pen and Paper to take notes (lesson hand outs will be provided for you)

Your Camera Manual: Bring your manual just in case it is a camera we are not familiar with and we need to check the manual for reference.  

2) What kind of camera do I need?

A DSLR camera with interchangeable lenses is preferred.  If you have a point and shoot camera that allows you to change the settings from automatic to manual that will be fine too. 

3) What happens if I’m not able to attend class? Do you give refunds? 

I understand sometimes unexpected things come up and you can get ill. If you anticipate not being able to attend class I ask that you give 24 hours of notice if you are able to.  While I don’t give refunds, but any monies already paid can be applied towards future classes based on availability.  

4) Do you offer private instruction?

Yes, I am available for private classes.  I quote these classes on an individual basis as each student has different needs.

Hi, my name is Elise. I have been a photographer for 10+ years.  I provide  in real estate, food, newborn and family photography for my clients.  My photos have been published in in my neighborhood magazine, the Blue Bell Finest, where I donate my time by taking photographs in my community. I have written blog posts for Clickin Community (a photography forum for women) where I am an accepted member of their Click Pro organization since 2015. I am also a published photographer, you can see my work in the book The Crafted Cookie, by Anne Yorks.

I’m looking forward to teaching you the basics of photography and showing you how you can gain control over your camera by mastering the use of manual mode.

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