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Real Estate Photographer | Chalfont Listing | Bucks County

real estate

March 5, 2019

Real Estate Photographer

This Chalfont is nested in a great neighborhood on a quiet street.  The house was well maintained and updated. I loved how they opened up the walls and made the living space on big open area.  Great for a young family looking for open concept.  This home has three bedrooms and 1.5 baths.  It is within walking distance to Butler Elementary.

Butler Elementary is a great school.  My aunt taught there for many years Kindergarten and First grade.  I remember when I was getting my Early Childhood Education degree, I helped her to earn credits toward my degree.  It is very cute and charming.

These owners did a fabulous job getting their home ready for listing.  It was very clean and clutter free.  While potential buyers know that someone had lived in this home, the staging was done in a way that did not make the house look small.  Even if the home you are trying to sell has little storage, you do not want that to show.  The less you have out, the better the home looks.

Another tip for listing your house

Another tip for listing your house would be to clean up the yard.  Make sure the tree and bushes are trimmed.  Out of control landscaping screams more work for potential buyers.  The more work they feel needs to be done, the less likely they will be to make an offer.

I like to help my clients out and send them a checklist of things to do before I come out and take their pictures.  They love this extra service because when it comes to picture time their session is fast and there is less cleaning up they need to do when I am there.  Normally if they have small kids, they will pile up the toys in one area so we can easily move it when photographing that room.

Here are another listing in the same neighborhood.

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