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newborn photographer | east norriton


December 26, 2018

Newborn Photographer | East Norriton

I meet this mom years ago!  In fact, we use to live in the same neighborhood growing up.  I babysat her and her brother a few times too.  We both attended the same grade school and high school.  Both of our parents still live in the neighborhood and run into each other from time to time when they are out walking.  It’s funny, years ago their favorite topic of conversation was us kids, but now they talk endlessly about their grandkids.  My parents have 10 grandchildren, my brother has 5, my sister has 3, and I have the 2 youngest.  Her parents now have 4 granddaughters.  Yup, no boys for them yet!

This sweet baby girl was an absolute angel for her session.  She barely cried and was an excellent model.  Her big sister wasn’t that into the session.  But with toddlers that is normally what happens in the beginning of the session. Sometimes it is a matter of giving them space to warm up or finding ways to get them involved with helping during the session.  It is a stressful time for a toddler having a new sibling to share their parents with, not to mention their undivided attention. It’s very common and I tell my parents all the time not to stress over it.  The important thing to remember is not to force it.  We did manage to get a few sweet pictures of her during the session and mostly during the times when she was doing her own thing.

This newborn session included a mix of posed and lifestyle portraits. You get a nice verity of shots with this type of session.  Thinking about having a newborn session?  Contact me and we can schedule a time for a phone conversation to learn more about your experience with my session.

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