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Family Video Session | Montgomery County Collegeville


December 12, 2018

Family video sessions are the next level of family photography. My favorite session is a lifestyle session. When you add in video you get so much more!  This year I started offering video. I love offering family films also known as video.  It is truly the next level of family photography.  A blog post on why your family should have a video session is coming shortly!

I meet this family three and a half years ago when mom was pregnant with number two.  I remember her daughter decided to make an early entrance and she did not have time to document her pregnancy with her.  She knew she did not want that to happen with number two and hired me to document it.  We did a beautiful lifestyle session in their home. You can see their session here. To learn more about lifestyle sessions, click here.

This year I did a model call for a family breakfast session that included film/video for free.  Mom knew this was something she wanted and signed up right away after seeing another family’s fun session.  I am so glad they did. It really has made me love film sessions even more. It was so nice getting to catch up with the family and to see their new home.  I love that their kids are so close in age to mine.  We got to exchange similar stories during the session.  It is so funny how kids do similar things as the same ages.  

Occasionally, I do offer model calls to my clients on my email list.  If you are interested, you can sign up as well and be the first to know.  You will also get tips and other fun stuff as well.

Here is their video from the session as well as a few of my favorite images from the session.  It was hard narrowing it down because there was so many get ones.  

You can view other family videos here.

If you are interested in having a video session, contact me.

lifestyle family photographer & videographer Montgomery County – Collegeville

To see more videos, click here.

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